Councillor nullifies allocation of stands on wetlands

  • Councillor denounces allocation of stands
  • Residents livid against council

MALBEREIGN Ward 16 councillor Denford Ngadziore last week nullified the allocation of Sherwood Golf Club stands to homeseekers.

This follows the approval by Harare City Council (HCC) Housing Director, Addmore Nhekairo, of beneficiaries’ applications launched with HCC.

Ngadziore said he was a servant of the people and will join in with the residents to protect the golf club from change of use.

“I am shocked that people have already been allocated the land,” Ngadziore said.

He further said whatever had been done should be reversed.

“The stand allocation is null and void,” Ngadziore added.

The councillor also said he wss not surprised by the stands allocation.

Ngadziore said there was alleged political interference in the stands allocation scam.

A ward 16 co-ordinator (name not given) said the allocation of stands on wetlands wass not only in his area but in others as well.

The co-ordinator blamed city planners, who he said deliberately dished out stands on wetlands to homeseekers.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and Harare Wetland Trust (HWT) have already been engaged for legal assistance on behalf of the residents, who are the litigants.

HWT member Julia Pierin said residents had the right to complain.

“If you think water problems are presently bad, they are going to be even worse,” Pierin noted.

She also said water problems would worsen if people continued to build on vleis.

Wetlands are important as they improve water quality, store floodwaters and maintain surface water flow during dry periods.

Meanwhile, city chief planner Samuel Nyabeze slammed the idea of garden cities.

He said the concept was outdated.

“The person who designed Malbereign had his concept of garden cities in mind, which has outlived its purpose due to densification.”

A Malbereign resident, one Kenneth Farari declared that the idea of densification did not justify the case to approve construction of homes on wetlands.

Densification describes the increasing number of people living in urban areas.

Ten residential stands have so far been allocated on the wetlands.

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