Chiyangwa blows R1 million COSAFA funds

  • ZIFA sends COSAFA letter of complaint
  • ZIFA say Chiyangwa must be reported to the South African Police for financial impropriety
  • Chiyangwa allowance bigger than COSAFA prize money

FLAMBOYANT businessman Philip Chiyangwa lived a life of private trips and hefty allowances on a COSAFA ticket in a year the organisation was reeling under a R2 505 190 loss, COSAFA Audited Financial statements  show.

The property mogul is said to have pocketed R881 000 in the year-ending 2019.

The amount included R580 000 termed “Honararium.”

The figure is bigger that the zone’s flagship competition, the COSAFA men cup prize money of R500 000.

Upon seeing the Audited Financial statements member nations, among them ZIFA, requested that Chiyangwa’s allowance be debated at the upcoming 2019 Annual General Meeting on January 25.

ZIFA have further called on CAF and FIFA to act on the anomaly with ZIFA insisting that the matter should be reported to the South African Police for financial impropriety.

“The 2019 COSAFA Audited Financial Statements makes for sad reading,” ZIFA secretary general Joseph Mamutse said in a letter to COSAFA.

“…a whooping R881 150 was paid to COSAFA president Dr Chiyangwa alone as allowances and ‘Honorarium’ whatever this means all in year 2019. This coming in a year where COSAFA posted the heaviest record loss of all time to the tune of R2 505 190. As a member of Congress, we found this unacceptable, abusive and tantamount to outright criminality.”

“We note that Dr Chiyangwa was given or gave himself a whooping R580 000 as ‘Honararium’ a figure which is bigger that the zone’s flagship competition the COSAFA MEN Cup prize money of R500 000. How do we justify paying such an astronomical figure, we being responsible for the sport?” questioned Mamutse.

“This is akin to FIFA paying its president ‘Honararium’ which is more than the World Cup prize money. We believe this is abuse of office or outright fraudulent.”

ZIFA also demanded answers on a R19 696 travel cost reimbursement granted to the Zanu PF Zvimba South legislator under the period under review.



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