Zimlockdown: Military takes over monitoring role

  • Military elements take over corona virus spread monitoring role
  • Fight escalated from volition to compulsion

Zimbabwe military command elements have taken over the monitoring of the spread of the corona virus as the fight to curb the pandemic has been “escalated from volition to compulsion which only security forces can implement,” the Zim Morning Post has heard.

This comes as President Emmerson Mnangagwa ordered a total lockdown which will commence on Monday 30 March.

In an interview with this publication presidential spokesperson George Charamba said “the situation has reached another level and only military elements can implement the lockdown.”

“We have escalated the fight from volition to compulsion and this means only security forces are capable of implementing the order,” Charamba said.

“The health ministry only plays an advisory role on the issue but the security forces will be the driving force in making sure that we win the war against corona virus,” he said.

Asked why there has been a change in the chairmanship of the taskforce that was being headed by health minister Obadiah Moyo, Charamba said the situation is now way beyond ministerial level.

“It is a national issue which involves security forces and the health ministry falls under vice president Constantino Chiwenga’ potfoliosjù.

“There is no way he (Moyo) can chair the taskforce of a ministry supervised by the vice president.

“Besides that this thing has gone beyond being just a health scare to a national security threat. That is why Defence minister Oppah Muchinguri is also in the thick of things,” Charamba said.