Coronavirus: Mnangagwa orders 21-day-lockdown

  • Public transport suspended save for Zupco buses
  • Security forces to be deployed to enforce lockdown
  • Chamisa concurs with Mnangagwa on the need for a lockdown

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday announced a 21-day-lockdown aimed at containing corona virus spread.

The lockdown will begin on 30 March 2020.

Mnangagwa made a number of other measures that are to be observed and enforced during the lockdown

Public transport banned

Commuter omnibuses have been banned. They are not expected to be seen commuting

Motorist will not be allowed to get outside of their vehicles during refueling.

Non essential services offered by companies are to be closed.

Only food markets and shops are to stay open


  1. Total lockdown from Monday for 21 days.
  2. Essential service providers will be open (food and essential commodities).
  3. Hospital visits remain as previously stated.
  4. Gvt shall see to it that water is provided to all areas without good water supply.
  5. Those wishing to refuel should not get out of their cars.
  6. No public transport allowed on the roads except ZUPCO and public service buses.
  7. Funerals should only have 50 people.
  8. Security forces will be deployed where there is non-compliance.
  9. Legal instruments being draft against those who cause alarm and despondency on social media.

Main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa concured with Mnangagwa on the need to enforce a lockdown in order to contain the virus.


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