You are currently viewing Zimbabwean Rashford Lookalike in Court for Ten Car Theft Offenses
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Zimbabwean Rashford Lookalike in Court for Ten Car Theft Offenses

Zimbabwean Rashford Lookalike in Court for Ten Car Theft Offenses

Zimbabwean Rashford lookalike, Ishmael Duwa Austin, a serial fraudster, appeared in court facing ten counts of car theft.

An Elaborate Scheme Unveiled

According to court proceedings, Austin allegedly conspired with Since Asima, a police officer stationed at CID Headquarters, as well as Innocent Chikakayi, Precious Vafana, and Brian Tomudaishe Kaseke to carry out these criminal acts. The gang’s operation involved a carefully orchestrated plan.

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The First Complainant Steps Forward

The initial complaint came from Wishteck Motors Car Rental, represented by Saunders Chiza, the hiring officer. As the court heard, Austin and his accomplices collaborated with Batsirai Mhungu, who has already made an appearance in court. Together, they devised a scheme to steal from the car rental company.

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Deception and Fraud Unveiled

The gang proceeded to rent a white Nissan X-trail, with one member utilizing counterfeit credentials under the guise of Kenneth Change. By signing a hiring contract with these fraudulent credentials, they secured the vehicle. However, instead of returning it as agreed on March 3 of this year, they embarked on a deceitful path.

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A Web of Deceit Unraveled

The gang then concocted a fake registration book and sold the stolen vehicle to Cosmo Chirombo for a sum of US$8000. Their audacious act went undetected until the car rental company uncovered the offense, prompting them to report the incident to the police.

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Arrest and Vehicle Recovery

Following the report, a thorough investigation ensued, leading to the apprehension of the gang. Thanks to their cooperation, the authorities managed to recover the stolen vehicle, providing a glimmer of hope for justice.