Zim@40: Dialogue only panacea to Zim’s dire economic dilemma: ACBOs

  • Politicians urged to iron out differences for economic progress
  • Churches, civil society should lead political dialogue

THE Alliance of Community Based Organisations (ACBOs) at the weekend appealed to politicians to pursue broad-based policies which it said had rallied Zimbabweans together in the fight against colonialism and economic marginalisation during the 1970s Chimurenga War.

In a communique released Saturday, the organisation bemoaned what it called poor governance systems since 1980 at independence.

“The nation is still grappling with a socio-economic and political crisis (in the 40 years since independence).

“Unjust institutional structures, coupled with destructive socio-economic policies – which are further compounded by a perverse
political system and culture of
governance – continue to betray efforts by the multitudes of heroes and heroines who championed the liberation struggle,” read the statement.

The ACBOs emphasised on the need during this Independence Day for genuine dialogue with all stakeholders, including ordinary citizens.

According to the organisation’s recent research findings, politics could singulary be blamed as the chief cause for the economic decadence the country is currently experiencing.

The research also alluded that stakeholders such as business, civil society, churches, among others were vital cogs in navigating Zimbabwe’s recovery path.

“While political parties are crucial actors, communities (interviewed) are of the view that there is need to broaden any dialogue to include other societal actors such as civil society, churches and business,” ACBOs said.

The organisation recommended that the panacea to Zimbabwe’s economic impasse could only come about with the “able leadership of the church and civil society”.

Zimbabwe experienced its worst economic turmoil since independence at the turn off the century.

The economic fortunes of the country took a dive in 2000 following invasions by land hungry citizens of mostly white commercial farms, leading to a slump in the the production chain.


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