Coronavirus: Dr Solanki speaks out…Milton Park facility will be for free

Dr Vivek Solanki, the owner of Trauma Centre and the Milton Park Covid19 Clinic has of late stolen the media limelight. His hospital is said to be host to government bigwigs under covid-19 attack. Only this week he was also in the media after a patient is said to have died after being denied access.

Zim Morning Publisher Elias Mambo (EM) caught up with him for a no-holds-barred interview and below are excerpts of the interview.

EM: Do you have Covid19 patients at Trauma Centre or in Milton Park?

VS: Trauma Centre Borrowdale is an Emergency unit attending all types of Emergencies including suspected Covid19 patients. When a Covid19 patient is suspected they are referred to Wilkins Hospital. Some of them may ask me to treat them thereafter which I do remotely. The Covid-19 MiltonPark Clinic will open from Monday and currently has not attended to any patients yet. We received our go ahead by the Minister of Health yesterday (Saturday).

EM: How much will patients be charged at your Milton Park facility and will it be open to all or it is for the chosen few?

VS: The Covid-19 Milton Park Clinic has been set up to train healthcare workers, testing for Covid19 suspected cases, examination of patients and then either discharge them home or be admitted for Covid19 treatment. It will adhere to National guidelines set out by our Ministry of Health and Child Care. It is the first of its kind set up by the private sector and treatment will be FREE. I hope others will follow this model and set up such clinics in every suburb Nation wide to combat the Covid19 Pandemic.
Due to scarcity of resources we are unable to set up large Centers to combat Covid19 as we see in Europe and China. We have to come up with cost effective local solutions such as these.

EM: We saw a message circulating where it was said you were looking for doctors and medical officials…Is it true…did you hire any?

VS: We are on behalf of Covid19 Front Line Team recruiting healthcare workers such as Doctors and Nurses whom we are training in infection controls and self protection against Covid19 including the Donning and Doffing procedures safely so that they can then be deployed to various Hospitals around the Country and be able to treat Covid19 patients safely. We are assisting the Government in this training program to be prepared for the Pandemic.

EM: Yesterday (Friday) HMetro ran a story that a patient died at Trauma Centre after being denied access on suspicion that he was covid19 suspect…What is your comment?

VS: It is unfortunate when the wrong information is dramatized in this manner. The patient was wheeled in by his relative dead. He was not treated but my staff and Doctors assisted by arranging for his body to taken to an undertaker. No one was available for several hours. He remained where he was in the holding area. He should not have been brought to us in the first place. He was already dead. I cannot comment further about the people that brought him to us. We shall let his family grieve and then we can call them in. We don not mistreat our patients and in fact we are well known to treat ill patients with utmost dignity.

EM: You posted on your Twitter handle about your covid patients and later said these are outside the country.You later deleted your post. Where are they and how do you travel to attend to them?

VS: I treat several patients around the World and one does not need to fly around. Today we have a technology that has been in use for the past 12 years using our smartphones, it’s called Telemedicine. I’m also registered in a few countries and am able to look after their patients. Before the Lockdown those patients would fly me to attend to them which at the moment is not possible and so I resort to using Telemedicine.

EM: Earlier on you said you treat patients you would have referred to Wilkins hospital. Are the patients recorded in Ministry’statistics or not?

VS: Yes they would be.

EM: What is your comment to allegations raised that you are treating government bigwigs at Trauma centre for covid19.. I am sure you saw this even on twitter?

VS: I am a well know Doctor practicing for 35 years and as such have a huge following. The patient base is far and varied and all of them are treated equally, professionally, with dignity and especially with extreme privacy as any patient would expect. I work within the framework of ethical Medicine following World class healthcare.