You are currently viewing Zambian National Arrested for Targeting and Robbing Zimbabwean Teenagers

Zambian National Arrested for Targeting and Robbing Zimbabwean Teenagers

Zambian National Arrested for Targeting and Robbing Zimbabwean Teenagers

A Zambian national has been arrested for targeting and robbing Zimbabwean teenagers in Zimbabwe. Mutaba Kambert Kunda(30), is accused of using intimidation and violence to steal valuable electronics worth over US$2,200 from his unsuspecting victims.

Preying on Vulnerable Victims

Kunda’s alleged crime spree began on June 8th around 2 pm, when he spotted an 11-year-old boy watering the garden outside his home. Sensing an opportunity, Kunda questioned the boy about his parents’ whereabouts, only to discover they were away. Disappointed that the house was unattended, Kunda proceeded to the neighboring property, where he jumped the wall and forced his way inside.

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Once inside, Kunda encountered his first victim, an 11-year-old teenager. Kunda force marched the teenager into the house at knife-point. He then threatened the boy before taking an HP Pavilion laptop, laptop bag, and a Samsung iPad A7 from one of the spare bedrooms.

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Escalating Crimes and Eventual Arrest

Kunda’s thirst for stolen goods did not end there. He then entered another spare bedroom, where he discovered another 11-year-old teenager playing with his phone. He demanded the Samsung Galaxy A13 phone, Ethernet adapter, and two power packs the boy had. The total value of the stolen property is estimated to be US$2,200. But police managed to recover US$2000 upon arresting Kunda.

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Conviction and Sentencing

Kunda appeared before the Mutare Magistrate’s Court, facing robbery charges. He was also convicted of violating the Immigration Act by entering Zimbabwe without a permit.

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“The accused person was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment on the first and second counts, of which 22 months were suspended for 5 years. On the third count, he was sentenced to pay a fine of $30, or in default of payment, serve 15 days imprisonment,” read the NPAZ press statement.