You are currently viewing WATCH: Benjani Mwaruwari’s Fairytale Journey to Man City Glory Unveiled
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WATCH: Benjani Mwaruwari’s Fairytale Journey to Man City Glory Unveiled

WATCH: Benjani Mwaruwari’s Fairytale Journey to Man City Glory Unveiled

Watch Harry Redknapp narrating Benjani Mwaruwari’s fairytale journey from Portsmouth to Man City. Harry Redknapp, shed light on the dramatic events that surrounded the move.

Redknapp’s Reluctance and the Lucrative Offer

Redknapp, the coach of Portsmouth admitted his club had received a staggering £9 million offer for their star striker, Benjani. Despite his reservations, Redknapp informed Benjani about the offer and insisted that he should make the move to Manchester City.

Benji’s Love for Portsmouth

Former Warriors skipper rejected the move, professing his love for Portsmouth and showing indifference towards the allure of joining a bigger club like Manchester City. He boldly stated, “No agaffer, I like it here, I like you, and I like the club.”

Harry’s Determination and Airport Drama

Undeterred by Benji’s refusal, Redknapp remained steadfast in his decision to proceed with the transfer. With everything set, Mwaruwari was dropped off at the airport. However, instead of boarding the plane, he sat at the airport, seemingly ignoring the departing flights.

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As Benjani missed the first two planes, it appeared that he was purposely trying to find an excuse to avoid the transfer. However, Harry Redknapp received a call informing him about Benjani’s actions. With only one plane left, Redknapp drove to the airport and physically persuaded Benjani to board the plane. Harry recounted, “I drove to the airport and dragged him into the plane.”

From Manchester Airport to Derby Hero

Despite his initial reluctance, Benjani arrived in Manchester later that day and officially signed for Manchester City. On his Manchester debut for the Blues, he was thrown into the intense atmosphere. Against all odds, Benjani showcased his talent by scoring a crucial goal that ultimately secured City’s first win at Old Trafford in over three decades.

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Benjani’s Legacy

Benjani Mwaruwari’s transfer tale from Portsmouth to Manchester City will forever be etched in football history. His journey from initial resistance to becoming a derby hero exemplifies the unpredictable nature of the sport and the triumphs that can emerge from unexpected circumstances.