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Sunningdale CCC MP Maureen Kademaunga Arrested for Attempted Murder

Sunningdale CCC MP Maureen Kademaunga Arrested for Attempted Murder

Sunningdale CCC Member of Parliament(MP) Maureen Kademaunga has been arrested on charges of attempted murder, leaving the public in anticipation of further details from the police.

Kademaunga’s Arrest Adds to a Series of Legal Encounters

On 8 June 2008, Maureen Kademaunga and fellow Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe (MMPZ) members were arrested in Matebeleland province. They faced accusations of organizing a public meeting without police clearance. The MMPZ is an independent Trust that promotes freedom of expression and responsible journalism in Zimbabwe. Through monitoring and analyzing news from print and electronic media, they share their findings through weekly media updates.

Shocking Arrest of Newly Sworn-In MP

The news of Kademaunga’s arrest comes as a shock, considering that she was recently sworn in after winning the Sunningdale seat.

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Soon after the swearing-in ceremony Kademaunga took to Twitter now (X), to express her gratitude for the victory. “To God be the glory !#Sunningdale, our victory was against all odds and today I have taken oath to secure the mandate to serve you,” stated Kademaunga.

Kademaunga’s Promise to Sunningdale Residents

Kademaunga made assurances to the residents of Sunningdale that she would be their voice in parliament. She also promised them that she’s gonna fulfill her role by representing them effectively. “I will represent. The mandate is clear. The shoulders ready. I remain your voice,” stated Kdemaunga.

Kademaunga’s Political History

Maureen Kademaunga is known for her involvement in various initiatives promoting women’s rights and political engagement. She founded Women for Women Zimbabwe and launched the “She Votes” campaign.

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The campaign was aimed to empower women across Zimbabwe with knowledge about electoral issues, voter registration, and running for office. Despite facing obstacles such as police interference and harassment, Kademaunga has remained committed to ensuring women’s participation in the democratic process.