Soldiers killed in brawl over sex workers

Two Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officials who were in camp for Independence Day drills never lived to celebrate Uhuru as they were killed in a brawl by an artisanal miner over two female adults believed to be sex workers in Bindura at about 0100 hours Tuesday morning.

The deceased army officials, who were in camp for Independence drills, had stepped out of cantonment for a beer or two along with other army officials, Jabson Pfuwe and Pumulani Khuumani.

They were joined by two females, namely Lesley Chitabura of Chipadze in Bindura and Nyasha Ngozo a female aged 19 for the catastrophic drink up which would end murder.

The deceased army officials are Shaw Tizora, a male adult aged 33 years of ZNA Band Artillery Brigade, Domboshava and Tawanda Gwarega, a male adult aged 35 years who held the rank of corporal.

In a memo gleaned by Zim Morning Post, Police said the group left Club 10, Chiwaridzo, Bindura proceeding towards Chipadze Secondary School, Bindura where they are camped for Independence drills.

 “After they walked for about 70 metres along Chiwaridzo — Aerodrome Road, Bindura, Phumulani Khuumani indicated that he was not interested in going to the campsite at that time as he wanted to go back to Club 10 and play snooker,” reads the police memo.

“His companions declined his idea and persuaded him not to return to Club 10. A scuffle ensued between the Phumulani Khuumani and his companions. As Phumulani Khuumani was being pulled by his companions against his will, he slapped Lesley Chitabura once on the cheek and she screamed.

“The accused heard the scream and he came from the same Club 10, Chiwaridzo in Bindura, in the company of Alexio Gumbato a male adult aged 36 years, NR: 63-015593-C63 of house number 1/66 Chipindura Street, Chipadze in Bindura and other unknown male adults. The accused enquired as to what was taking place, and thus when Phumulani Khuumani shouted obscenities”

The police added that the accused felt provoked and he stabbed Phumulani Khuumani with a Flick knife once on the left arm, he went on to stab Tizora once on the back and once below his right eye before he turned to Gwarega whom he stabbed once on the left side of the stomach leaving some intestines protruding and twice on the left hand. 

 “After Phumulani Khuumani was stabbed, he (Pfuwe) managed to escape and ran towards Chipadze Secondary School, Bindura where he jumped over the durawall and found assistance from his colleagues who took him to Bindura hospital for medication,” the police said.

“On noticing the scuffle, Lesley Chitabura ran to Chiwaridzo Police and made a report. Nyasha Ngozo remained at the scene witnessing helpless. She called for help but no-one turned up.

“The accused was picked by a vehicle which headed towards Chipadze Business Centre, Bindura.

“Lesley Chitabura came back with details from ZRP Chiwaridzo who ferried the now deceased to Bindura Provincial Hospital who were showing some signs of life. The two were pronounced dead upon arrival at Bindura Provincial Hospital, Bindura.

“Detectives from CID Bindura, ZNA Artillery Brigade and ZRP Chiwaridzo attended the scene and discovered some blood stains were on the tarmac. No exhibit was picked at the scene.”

“It was established that, Phumulani Khuumani is a brother to Lesley Chitabura whom the accused thought was a sex worker who was being assaulted when she screamed after being slapped by her brother. It was also established that, the accused person is an illegal gold panner of no fixed abode but he frequents Mazowe panning areas.”

However, contrary to submissions by police, Bindura residents who spoke to this publication revealed that the duo were well known sex workers in the area.

Meanwhile, reports say soldiers are meting instant justice and unleashing terror on innocent residents in retribution.

Nightclubs have been their main targets leaving a high possibility of tense Easter holidays in the mining town.

Investigations are still on-going.