General Zvinavashe estate wrangle continues 10 years after his death


The late national hero Retired General Vitalis Gava Musungwa Zvinavashe must be turning in his grave as his death sowed divisions in his family even after 10 years of his passing.

His estate continues to be at the centre of dispute further dividing the family and the situation has turned nasty as his second wife Margaret and his first born son are embroiled in a bitter stand -off.

Richard was dragged to court this Monday on allegations of domestic violence by his stepmother who is only six years older than him.

He is 50 and she is 56.

Margaret Zvinavashe reported Richard for domestic violence and unlawful entry into her property after he allegedly locked her out by changing the locks.

Richard appeared before Mbare Magistrate Stanford Mambanje.

The prosecutor, alleges that on January 13 and in the afternoon, Richard together with his friend Ellington Kanengoni broke into Margaret’s property as she is the occupant by virtue of a lifetime usufruct.

The court heard that he changed all the gate locks and house locks immediately occupying it.

Richard was appointed executor of the estate but the property in question was distributed to Margret.

It is further alleged that firearms were eventually produced and pointed on the same day.

This is not the first time the family has been dragging each other to court.