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Shocking Congratulatory Remarks: Chitungwiza Labelled Poorer Than Epworth

Shocking Congratulatory Remarks: Chitungwiza Labelled Poorer Than Epworth

In a shocking congratulatory remarks to the newly elected councillors of Chitungwiza Town Council, Tafadzwa Muguti labeled Chitungwiza poorer than Epworth.

Muguti, the Permanent Secretary in the Harare Metropolitan Provincial Affairs and Devolution Ministry, highlighted the importance of improving service delivery in the dormitory town.

The Struggle for Better Governance

During his remarks, Muguti underscored the council’s responsibility as outlined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe and the Urban Councils Act Chapter (29:15). The Per-Sec emphasized the significant role that local authorities play in promoting sound local governance and coordinating urban development for the socio-economic advancement of Zimbabwe.

“Local authorities in Zimbabwe play an important role in promoting sound local governance,” stated the Per-Sec. “Undertaking and coordinating urban development to enhance the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe.”

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A Call for Financial Transformation

Despite being one of the largest local authorities, Chitungwiza Town Council was labeled the poorest, with even Epworth surpassing it in financial resources.

“Chitungwiza Town Council is one of the largest local authorities, but you are the poorest, even Epworth has more money than you. It is time to build a better Chitungwiza,” declared Muguti.

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New Leadership for Chitungwiza

Lovemore Maiko emerged as the newly elected mayor of Chitungwiza, taking the reins from Kuven Mutimbanyoka. Jerita Mutigwende was appointed as the deputy mayor.

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The town’s residents and stakeholders now await the actions of the new leadership to address the challenges and work towards a more prosperous and efficient Chitungwiza. The focus remains on fulfilling the council’s mandate, improving service delivery, and uplifting the town’s overall development.