RG’s office vehicles scam: Frosty relations between Masango and chief accountant Bwanya exposed

  • RG Masango accuses chief accountant of colluding with Zacc officials
  • Chief accountant raises alarm to government

THE recently instituted forensic audit and Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) investigations  to scrutinize the irregular purchase of two vehicles by the Register General(RG)’s office has unmasked the personal tiff between the RG Clement Masango and chief accountant Peter Bwanya, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

Zacc is investigating Masango for making the purchase in question without following standard procurement procedures as stated by the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ).

Two vehicles have already been impounded by Zacc as part of the investigation process.

Masango said he will not obstruct the course of justice but was quick to accuse Bwanya of working in cahoots with Zacc to tarnish his image.

 He claimed that Bwanya approached government with ‘dirty hands’ since he also had cases to answer and was associated to the four Zacc officials who impounded the vehicles a fortnight ago.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post this week, Masango confirmed that his office was under investigations but had reservations.

“I can confirm that Zacc came to us last week to the effect that we had purchased cars without following procedure and they impounded the vehicles however those vehicles were purchased  through CMED  however I will allow Zacc to do their investigations,

“However this cannot be done without an audit, the matter is administrative in nature it can only culminate to be a criminal case after an audit has taken place,” Masango told Zim Morning Post.

Zim Morning Post understands that Masango’s fall out with Bwanya escalated after the latter raised a corruption alarm to government, implicating Masango.

Bwanya wrote a letter to Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Permanent Secretary,Aaron Nhepera citing that Masangoi was at the centre of irregularities in the vehicles transaction under investigation.

“Bwanya communicated to Nhepera blowing a whistle that only six vehicles were delivered to the Central Registry office instead of the 11 that were expected as authorized on the requisition form,” said an inside source.

The two’s sour relationship was also evidenced by Masango’s request to have Bwanya recalled and assigned to another office.

Nhepera confirmed receiving such communication from both parties and said he duly consulted with relevant authorities.

“When I received both reports from the RG (Registrar-General) and the chief accountant, I wrote to the PSC for guidance on the way forward, but also giving my proposal view that there be a forensic audit.

“My view to have an audit arose from the fact that I could not make a meaningful decision from the reports I got from the two. The PSC then allowed me to take that route to have a forensic audit by the Auditor-General,” Nhepera said.

An effort to get a comment from ZACC spokesperson John Makamure proved fruitless at the time of writing on Wednesday .

Auditor-General Mildred Chiri is also part of the investigations.

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