Prison ‘food poisoning’ delays sex pest Gumbura’s jail break case

Convicted cleric, Robert Martin Gumbura together with his co -accused have yet again failed to proceed to their defense case before a Harare Magistrate as some of the accused are still not feeling well after having ate beef which was served in prison two weeks ago.

The gang’s defense lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku told the court that two of the gang members who are the most affected and have been denied medical assistance hence they were seeking a postponement in the matter.

The matter was postponed to Tuesday afternoon for the continuation of their trial as they will go to their defense.

The gang is facing charges of attempting to escape from lawful custody, incitement in aggravating circumstances or alternatively conspiracy in aggravating circumstances for malicious damage to property and two men have been let off the hook after being found not guilty.

Allegations are that on February 13, 2015 at around 9am, the inmates refused to eat porridge which they claimed to  have no sugar. They demanded to see the officer-in-charge, a Chief Superintendent Marange, who then sent his deputy, to address them.

At that time, the inmates pushed out of the food containers which had been brought for lunch, refusing to be addressed by junior official.

Gumbura left the complex’s C Hall and went to D Hall, where he ordered  food to be brought in and served to those who wanted to eat.

The court heard that before the food was served, Titus Mandikodza, who is now late, went on top of the roof through a hole in the asbestos sheets, which they had already drilled.

At that moment, it is alleged, Vhumbunu and Sibanda took sadza and vegetable relish and threw it at  the deputy superintendent Dumbura and that is when violence erupted with prisoners vandalising property worth over $450 000.