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‘Pray for Me’: Chamisa Begs for Prayers After Stepping Down as CCC President

‘Pray for Me’: Chamisa Begs for Prayers After Stepping Down as CCC President

Former CCC president and founder, Advocate Nelson Chamisa, has made a heartfelt plea to his followers, urging them to pray for him as he seeks wisdom after stepping down as the CCC leader.

In a message shared on his X handle to mark his 46th birthday, Advocate humbly requested for prayers.

Seeking Wisdom and Unity


Chamisa’s plea for prayers stems from his belief that wisdom is essential for his mission to unite and uplift others. He expressed the desire for wisdom, humility, and strength to heal, prosper, and serve honestly and diligently for the greater glory of God.

“Friends, help me pray for wisdom, humility and strength to unite. Heal and prosper all and everyone, and to serve honestly & diligently unto the glory of God,” posted Chamisa.

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Missed Opportunities for CCC


Chamisa lamented that the CCC, once a potential citizen movement, had lost its way by transforming into a political party. The focus on organizational structures, positions, and institutionalization overshadowed its true potential. Advocate voiced his disappointment, asserting that the CCC had been “criminally handed over to Zanu PF.”

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A Call for Accountable Leadership

Advocate emphasized the urgent need for leaders who are honest, accountable, and committed to serving the nation. He disclosed that he had been approached by various groups, including war veterans, women’s groups, youth groups, church leaders, trade unions, civil society, and leaders from other African countries. They sought his leadership and sought lasting solutions to Zimbabwe’s challenges.

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A Contaminated CCC

Expressing his concerns, Advocate denounced the contaminated state of the CCC, which he believed was unable to deliver a “New Great Zimbabwe.” Personal ambitions, pursuit of titles, and benefits had tarnished the political landscape, hindering the CCC’s ability to bring about meaningful change.