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Chin’ono Exposes Shocking Reason Behind Chamisa’s Abandonment of CCC

Chin’ono Exposes Shocking Reason Behind Chamisa’s Abandonment of CCC

Award-winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has exposed shocking reason behind Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s abandoment of CCC.

According to Chin’ono, Chamisa’s departure was prompted by the infiltration of CCC by state agents, including current acting CCC President Promise Mkwananzi.

Unveiling the Infiltration


Chin’ono took to his X account to shed more light on the situation. He asserted that what  triggered Chamisa’s departure was the discovery of compromised individuals like Promise Mkwananzi and others.

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“Many Zimbabweans have been asking why Nelson Chamisa left CCC in a huff,” stated Hopewell. “It is because he realized it was heavily infiltrated by state-controlled agents.”

Challenging Chamisa

Hopewell boldly challenged Nelson, daring him to refute the information presented. “What I am saying now are facts on why Nelson Chamisa left. If I am lying, he can intervene and say so, but he won’t because I am telling you the truth regarding why he personally left,” Chin’ono declared.

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Awaiting Chamisa’s Response

The public eagerly awaits Nelson Chamisa’s response to Chin’ono’s claims. If true, this revelation exposes a concerning aspect of Zimbabwe’s political landscape and raises doubts about the authenticity of opposition parties.

Netizens Reactions


Hezvo!!! When did you get appointed as Chamisa’s spokesperson nhai Hopewell


Speaker of the truth has no friends and he’s hated by many fools. Keep your work Daddy hope .Bringing light to the confused masses. You’re apostle of englightment.


Sometimes the truth is quite bizarre, and yet it is the truth.


Didn’t Nelson appoint Promise?


NC will not be drawn to say anything. His silence right now is strategic. He should keep a low profile until the enthusiasts tie themselves with their own ropes.


Could be right. However, the Promise led faction is currently the strongest obstacle to any 3rd way moves. Hence the international journalist has to discredit Promise.