POLAD: The only platform available for dialogue says Zanu PF Youth League

Tendai Chirau

THE Tendai Chirau-led Zanu PF youth league has said the only available platform for dialogue between the ruling party and the main opposition MDC is the President Emmerson Mnangagwa initiated Polad.

This comes after the suspended youth league political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu urged Mnangagwa and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa to engage in a fruitful dialogue and bring an end to the political lockjam which has brought the economy to its knees.

In a statement Chirau said: “We note with close interest the propagation of misdirected opinions that the only panacea to Zimbabwe’s challenges is dialogue and possibly a unitary Government between Mnangagwa and the leader of the MDC Alliance Nelson Chamisa.”

“These calls are ill –conceived, regrettable and selectively ignorant of the following indisputable facts: Firstly, it is only Zanu PF as led by Mnangagwa that has a mandate to lead the Government of Zimbabwe and any attempts to change that are tantamount to the usurpation of the will of the people of Zimbabwe as expressed through the ballots cast in July 2018 and affirmed by the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe.

“Secondly, the question of dialogue has already been resolved by Mnangagwa when he created POLAD,” said Chirau.

While addressing the media on Friday Tsenengamu called for dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa saying the opposition leader cannot be ignored in the process of resolving the current problems the country is facing.

Chirau also said the yoyth league supports the fight against corruption and urged all those with evidence to hand it over to state institutions mandated to do investigative tasks.

“The Youth League remains deeply and heartily perturbed about the calamitous effects of corruption on the national economic growth and recovery.

“We are genuinely aware of the existence of institutions which are constitutionally mandated to combat corruption such as ZACC, SACU to aid the ZRP, the NPA and the JSC,” read the statement.

Tsenengamu and Lewis Matutu were last week slapped with one year suspension, respectively, from the party after they held a press briefing and exposed alleged cartels who are “milking the country dry.”

In response Mnangagwa booted out the duo for “failing to follow party procedures.”

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