Police foil MDC protests in Mnangagwa’s backyard

It never rain but pours for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) as police prohibits another planned demonstration in Gweru today.

Just like in Harare and Bulawayo, the party leadership has vowed to appeal the police order claiming the party would stick with constitutional obligations.

Writing on his microbloging twitter handle after the ban in Gweru MDC Vice President Tendai Biti said:

“At 2100 hours last night Police in Gweru issued yet another Prohibition Order. We will go through another appeal process. Legalism and the rule of law is not stupidity or weakness. This regime must be exposed for what it is. An illegitimate paranoid, soulless vampire regime.”

MDC had planned to roll out what they called ‘Free Zimbabwe March’ around the country but the police have been banning all the protests sighting violence possibilities and destruction of property.

In all the appeals made by the party, the courts have hailed the prohibition orders and there seems to be little hope for the MDC.

However, MDC national spokesperson Daniel Mololeki, yesterday said the party would not stop sending notifications to every police station in the country.

“And beyond this week we will reorganize and regroup and if it means that we will notify every police station in the country we will… We will mobilise in Buhera, Nkayi Mutorashanga and the entire country until Zimbabweans have expressed themselves. This is just the beginning,” said Mololeki

If the MDC wins the appeal against the police and protest in Gweru it will be a blow to the ruling party and the president.

Gweru is the capital city of Midlands Province where president Emmerson Mnangagwa comes from.

Currently riot police have been deployed in Gweru CBD amid fears that protesters will storm the city to demonstrate illegally.

On Friday despite a court order banning the protests MDC supporters ended up marching around the CBD leading to a massive clash with riot police.

The police crackdown left more than 12 people injured and dozens of people in police custody awaiting trial.

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