MDC Mutare protests: ZANU PF provincial youth league vows to quash violent elements

MUTARE – The Zanu PF youths in Manicaland have threatened to deal with the MDC  protestors if they become violent on their planned demonstration slated for Thursday.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) have crushed demonstrations in Harare and Bulawayo acting in line with a court order.

Police in Harare exerted minimum pressure on protestors who turned violent while some rogue elements within the law enforcement agents were overzealous and assaulted peaceful citizens and journalists.

In an interview with the Zimbabwe Morning Post on Tuesday, the Zanu PF Manicaland youth league  leader Tawanda Mukodza said they would quash the MDC demonstrators if they become violent.

“They (MDC) can arrange the demos but what we do not want is violence,” said Mukodza.

We do not  want buildings to be destroyed and if they destroy buildings in Mutare then we will respond,” he added.

“Zanu PF is a progressive party we want to build our nation and make progress not destroy it like what the MDC protestors want to do,” Mukadza explained.

The MDC Manicaland spokesperson David Panganai has said despite the threats from Zanu PF youths and frustrations from the police in clearing the Mutare demonstrations, the preparations were at an advanced stage.

 “We are preparing .We have not been responded to by the police, but we are hoping our demo will go ahead as we have complied with the law,” said Panganai.

In the previous demos the two parties ran serious battles in the streets of Mutare as they continued with power struggles.

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