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Plumtree Public Prosecutor’s Noodles Leaked by Wife

Plumtree Public Prosecutor’s Noodles Leaked by Furious Wife on Social Media

A furious wife to William Muleya, allegedly leaked  Plumtree based public prosecutor’s noodles of him with multiple lovers on social media.

Explosive Discovery

According to a close source, Muleya’s wife stumbled upon a series of noodles on his phone. They were exposing his alleged infidelity with several women, some of whom are reportedly married. In a fit of anger, she shared the explicit images on WhatsApp groups, exposing his secret life.

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Graphic Images Surface

The scandalous pictures, now circulating on social media, reveal Muleya engaging in intimate poses with different women. In one image, he is seen cuddling a naked woman who appears to be smiling directly at the camera. Another photo captures him lying naked on a bed with another woman. The explicit nature of the images has caused a stir within the Plumtree community.

Allegations of Misuse of Power

Local residents have accused Muleya of leveraging his position as a prosecutor to engage in extramarital affairs. The scandal has raised concerns about possible ethical breaches and abuse of authority within the legal system.

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Involvement of Prominent Figures

Among the controversial images is one featuring Sithembiso Ndebele, a regional magistrate based at Plumtree courts, who is said to be Muleya’s superior. The photo shows them kissing and wearing matching shirts, fueling speculation about an alleged affair.

Public prosecutor’s Response

When contacted for comment, Muleya claimed that his phone had been hacked and suggested that those he had prosecuted were retaliating against him. He disclosed that he has reported the incident to the police, who are currently investigating the matter. Efforts to obtain a statement from Ndebele were unsuccessful.


As the scandal continues to unravel, the community awaits further developments and clarifications regarding the shocking revelations surrounding the Plumtree prosecutor.