Perm Sec Munodawafa brought in for questioning

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has brought in the permanent secretary in the ministry of Environment and Tourism Ministry, Munesu Munodawafa for questioning amid speculation that he might be a key witness in incarcerated  minister Prisca Mupfumira’s matter.

Munodawafa who works in the same ministry with  Mupfumira who is languishing in remand prison after a Harare Magistrate ordered here to be further detained was brought in by ZACC for questioning under unclear circumstances of the nature of the questions he is answering to.

Munondawafa is also not new to scandal as he has been named in corruption cases dating back to the time he was serving under the ministry of Mines and Mining Development where he was a permanent secretary.

Earlier this year he was under investigation after he was alleged to have acted in connivance with nine top directors in the said ministry to make irregular purchases of luxurious vehicles for a song.

Allegations were that he together with nine executives, they bought cars worth $500 000 for the ministry’s use only to later convert them to personal use. 

The vehicles were later sold at a mere $13 000 and the gang of executives was believed to have benefitted .

During the same time he served under the ministry of mines, has was also fingered in mining scandals in which he would allegedly issue out mining claims in return for kickbacks.

Munodawafa’s arrest comes at a time when the Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo led ZACC has promised to take down high profile individuals believed to be corrupt.

The commission has vowed to deliver its mandate and it is set to investigate more than 200  corruption cases in its fight against graft.

The major cases on the priority list include the  potentially explosive and jealously guarded National Social Security Authority (NSSA) audit report, Hwange Colliery crisis, Auditor -General  audit report, ZESA forensic audit report as well as the ZINARA forensic audit report.