Opinion: Chiwenga finds matching sparring partner in Marry

WE have said it before and will say it again now: Domestic issues must be kept away from the public domain as much as possible.

We say this in connection with the Chiwenga-Marry contestations currently in the courts.

We have also said at Zim Morning Post that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and wife Marry Mubaiwa’s case is sub judice and so a no-holds-barred discussion may not be possible at this juncture.

As a reputable media entity, we always pride in not jumping the gun and have that as our guiding principle.

We have this nagging feeling, however, that Vice President Chiwenga may have acted impromptly and without due diligence in the matter involving his wife, Marry, and now obviously regrets his rush.

But that weaknesses do not have boundaries, attacking even the “wise” in our midst.

We are not saying Chiwenga must not litigate if his rights are abrogated.

No, not all.

The former army general has every constitutional right to divorce his “wives” – Marry and Jocelyn included.

So upon his return from China where he had gone for specialist treatment on the taxpayers’ money, Chiwenga came back fuming, taking his estranged wife to court on numerous charges, including an attempt on his life.

But many observers believe some of the charges may have been concocted, in particular that Marry had attempted to murder the former army general while he was in a South African hospital.

Questions have, however, been asked whether Chiwenga should not have raised whatever charges against his wife without dragging the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission – a State institution – into his private matters?

At Zim Morning Post, we believe it is not right for anyone to abuse State institutions, including Chiwenga.

But in a country where the ruling elite have commodified almost everything – including the citizenry – everything goes.

But the adage runs true that those who live in glass houses must not throw stones.

And now Marry is fighting back, probably threatening to name-and-shame all of Chiwenga’s shenanigans so far in the presidency, including probably how the former army harbours intentions to snatch the country’s number one position from the incumbent.

We may not be wrong, at Zim Morning Post, to say one man is probably watching the Chiwenga-Marry proceedings with keen interest from “deep inside the water”.

Marry now has got his man probably where she wanted, with her lawyers saying the VP approached them cap-in-hand, asking for an out of court settlement.

Let the drama unfold.

All we hope for is that the joints of someone’s loins will not loosen!