Chiwenga divorce: Marry pushes VP into a tight corner

  • Chiwenga has played all his cards
  • Marry still to throw more deadly punches
  • Defence counsel likely to reject out of court settlement
  • Chiwenga now in a tight corner

Enstranged wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, Marry Mubaiwa, has all but pushed him into a tight corner as the ongoing divorce procedure in the courts takes a new twist.

This comes amid reports that Chiwenga now wants the whole issue to be settled out of courts.


After failing to push out Marry upon his return from China Chiwenga took her to court on a myriad of allegations ranging from money laundering to attempted murder.

The allegations were strong on paper but Marry, who was incarcarated for some weeks came out with guns blazing and went for broke and “played to the gallery,” exposing the VP’s social and political shenanigans.

“Marry took the opportunity to drag Chiwenga into a tight corner and concentrated on their social problems instead of the allegations raised by Chiwenga,” said one observor.

“She went for broke and brought into the courts Chiwenga’s ambitions to be the president as well as his use of some prohibited drugs and in the process threw the applicant off the rail.

“She also exposed how the couple benefited from proceeds of command agriculture, a government programme which many see as a feeding trough for those in power.”

She has even started exposing many things we are not aware of and she also has nothing to lose,” said the source.

Was going to court the solution?

Independent analysts say Chiwenga made a grave mistake by dragging Marry to the courts when he knew once she was cornered she would be reckless.

These people have been in power and once they play their divorce in court many issues were going to be revealed to the public,” said one analyst.

“Chiwenga should have learnt a lesson or two from his previous divorce as well as from the former Finance minister Ignatious Chombo’s messy divorce process.

“Marry has nothing to lose. She has endured the worst from being taken from her flamboyant lifestyle and being thrown into remand prison. She has endured media backlash after Chiwenga accused her of fraud, money laundering and attempted murder.

She now has nothing to lose so what she will do is to take Chiwenga to the cleaners.”

Will settling out of courts work?

Now that Marry is aware that Chiwenga has been placed in a right position she is likely to reject the offer to settle out of courts.

“The defence counsel led by prominent lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa is likely not to play ball,” said a lawyer who requested anonymity.

“The defence team is now in a comfortable position and they would want to make sure Chiwenga learns a lesson.

“They are likely not going to accept Chiwenga’s request to settle out of courts. Remember he is the applicant so he cannot choose what is best for him only. He went to the courts so the defence team is saying lets finish it off in the courts.”

What next for Chiwenga?

The VP is now in a difficult position. He has played all his cards and there is nothing new that people do not know which he can draw out.

“He has played all his cards and we don’t expect anything new from him. He has to be in the defensive mood and Marry is expected to throw in more deadly punches. This is only the beginning and already Chiwenga wants out of court settlement,” said a source close to the framily.

“The only way is the game to playout in courts and have a field day for the media. Marry will expose, not only Chiwenga, but the whole system of patronage politics.”