MaShurugwi storm: police raid MDC HQ in search of machetes


POLICE on Friday raided MDC HQ in an operation targeting machetes and subversive material.

The police were in possession of a search warrant to hunt for subversive material believed to be intended “to be used in the commission of an offense.”

It was not clear if any arrests were made but MDC officials said the raid had put its members and staff at risk.

 “They are beating up our security personnel and confiscating party documents and computers,” MDC secretary general Charlton Hwende said.

Police said they had reasonable grounds to suspect that the occupiers of the building were in possession of machetesand other subversive material.

In statement earlier in the day, MDC deputy spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said the MDC had gathered from impeccable sources within government that police intended to raid Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House in a bid to plant machetes and justify a crackdown on the party’s activities.

“They are on a desperate witch-hunt and are frantically seeking to portray the MDC, the people’s party, as a rogue organization….it will not wash,” Tamborinyoka said.

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