Muduvuri intensifies churches’ anti sanctions drive

The Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches Council patron Jimayi Muduvuri has intensified his fight against sanctions and on Friday he  delivered petitions to the European Union, United States and British embassies following the United States’ extension of sanctions against the country.

Muduvuri mobilised different churches who endorsed the move and  they marched to the embassies carrying placards denouncing the ‘illegal sanctions’.

The churches want  to compel the European Union (EU)and United States to ease down on sanctions.

The United States’ announcement of sanction extension comes hot on the heels of  the EU endorsement of  a resolution to reconsider restrictive measures.

Last year the EU extended its sanctions on Zimbabwe until February 20 2019. The EU extended sanctions against Zimbabwe so that the situation in the country given President Emmerson Mnangagwa ascension to power through a military intervention in November 2017 could become clearer.

EU travel restrictions and asset freezes continue to be imposed on a few individuals and Zimbabwe Defence Industries.

However, those sanctions are currently suspended, except in relation to Robert Mugabe, Grace Mugabe and Zimbabwe Defence Industries.

In an interview on Saturday, Muduvuri said sanctions affect the common man and not politicians.

“After the United States announced the illegal sanctions extension, I approached churches and we decided that it is our duty to push for the removal of sanctions because they are affecting the common people and not the politicians. This has nothing to do with politics, it is our wish to see every Zimbabwean happy and enjoying the fruit of their labour,that is why we went to the embassies to put our message straight” said Muduvuri.

Muduvuri has been leading the anti-sanctions lobby from the church perspective.

He said the church will not tire and he was optimistic divine intervention will come to play.