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ZACC Arrests ZANU PF Councillor for Land Fraud

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has apprehended Patson Chipunza, a ZANU PF Councillor representing Ward 11 in Seke. Chipunza faces charges related to the fraudulent subdivision and sale of land that originally belonged to the late former Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Amos Midzi’s Estate.

According to allegations, in December 2022, Chipunza illicitly subdivided Subdivision 1 of Earling Farm in Beatrice and enlisted an agent to advertise the divided parcels for sale. The complainant, Phillip Chapfunga, responded to an advertisement and was directed to Chipunza. The accused falsely presented himself as the village head and the legitimate owner of the land.

Chapfunga subsequently purchased a 63-hectare plot for US$29,000 and invested an additional US$41,000 in farm infrastructure based on this misrepresentation.

The fraudulent activity came to light when a co-executor of the late Midzi’s estate reported the matter to ZACC, leading to Chipunza’s arrest.

Chipunza is scheduled to appear in court on 19 June 2024.