MDC to invade the streets

Movement for Democratic Change Youth Assembly has threatened to invade the streets to demonstrate over the deteriorating economy.

Speaking at a media briefing MDC Youth Assembly Chairperson Obey Sithole  who was flanked by his entire executive  said that the economy will mobilise people to be in the streets and June will be a month of radicalisation.

The economy will radicalise people, June will be the month of radicalisation, we are going to flood the streets,” said Sithole

Sithole said that the Youth Assembly will not be moved by the government which beefed up the anti -riot equipment

We hear the state has beefed up its armoury to muzzle our voices, but we are not intimidated for we know they cannot shoot the entire nation,” he said

Sithole’s sentiments comes after calls by the main Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa who hinted that after the just ended MDC elective congress the opposition party will take it to the streets.

We are coming for you from this date until such a date, we are telling you this openly. We are coming you will join me in this so that we go to them together,” said Chamisa.

Sithole said the demonstrations are directed to the ruling party ZANU PF which he describes as a “clueless regime”

As an assembly we are very much alive to the fact that the author of all these challenges is political party which in itself is in a state of decomposition and that decomposition has been spreading cancerously to every facet of the nation,” he said.

Sithole said Mnangagwa led government has no capacity to reform and it is not willing to reform.

We have noted with concern that Emmerson  Mnangagwa has not reformed and will never reform as he want us to believe in his biggest lie packaged as a ‘New Dispensation’.”

He also spoke about the recent abduction of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) President   Obert  Masaraure citing that the current government is responsible.

This regime has been living on borrowed time using covet Gestapo and fascist tactics of abducting any dissenting voices and at worst spraying bullets like confetti on unarmed and harmless citizens. We note with regret the stifling of civil society voices as evidenced by the case of ARTUZ President Obert Masaraure who was abducted, beaten and stripped of his dignity for simply asking for a better wage.

“It is against this background that this assembly has agreed on a confrontational approach in dealing with this corrupt and illegitimate military regime,” he said.