MDC postpones 20th anniversary celebrations to pave way for Mugabe burial

THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC has postponed its 20th anniversary celebrations which were scheduled to be held at Rufaro stadium on Saturday saying they want to pave way for the burial of the former president Robert Mugabe.

This comes amid reports of sharp divisions in the party concerning Mugabe’s funeral attendance as well as the move to honour him.

Since the emergence of the opposition MDC Mugabe always launched violent election campaigns which have been disputed.

In the run up to the 2008 elections the then MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai floored Mugabe leading to a chaotic bloody run off which saw the opposition leader withdrawing siting massive violence against his supporters.

Since Mugabe’s president contrasting views by MDC sympathisers and advisors have been flying around on social media over how the opposition party should treat Mugabe.

However, Chamisa said his party will postpone its scheduled activities and honour Mugabe.

Because MDC is the leading opposition party, it is going to join the rest of the opposition parties and the world to mourn former President Robert Mugabe,” Chamisa said.

“MDC is not going to use Mugabe’s funeral for political scores as expected by other opposition parties and the rumours that are circulating,” Chamisa added.

“According to the African perspective of Ubuntu, no one is supposed to celebrate at the death of someone, regardless of whatever differences they had.

“MDC had a lot of problems with the former President, but this is not the time to talk about it. it’s time to mourn,” he said.

“This not the platform for us to talk about our past issues with Mugabe because right now, people are somber and reflecting on what happened in November 2017.

“If the death of Mugabe had happened just after his ouster in November 2017, we should have celebrated,” Chamisa said.

“Mugabe was a teacher and this teaches us to respect whatever his contribution, both positive and negative. We still have to thank him despite of our long-time problems,” Chamisa continued.

A number of MDC supporters still nurse wounds, some of them visible. But it’s not the time to raise such issues because Mugabe is gone, but Zimbabwe is not.

“Mugabe’s funeral is going to be attend by highly respected people, who also know our long- time grievances. We are no going to take advantage of the funeral to talk about them,” Chamisa said.