Perm Sec Chizwina’s appointment at National Housing ministry raises stink

Misheck Sibanda's announcement of the appointment of Silizibaziso Chizwina as permanent secretary for the National Housing and Social Amenities ministry raised a stink following her well documented shady past, that saw her unceremonial exit from NSSA.

A RED flag has been raised over the appointment of Silizibaziso Chizwina as permanent secretary for the National Housing and Social Amenities ministry following her well documented shady past that saw her unceremonious departure at the National Social Security Authority (NSSA), Zim Morning Post can reveal.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed Chizwina to the post on Tuesday, with the announcement coming through Chief Secretary in the President’s Office, Misheck Sibanda.

He spoke glowingly on Chizwina’s track record, stating that she brings a wealth of experience in real estate planning investment and development, talents which she gained at the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe, NSSA, the Ministry of Education and at Urban Development Corporation.

However, Zim Morning Post can reveal that her stint at NSSA was tainted and led to her unceremonious exit along with the late investments manager, Shadreck Vera.

“I am surprised why that woman was appointed to the most powerful position in the Housing ministry; with all her dark past.

“Look at how she left the National Oil Company and how uninspiring her stint was.

“Even at NSSA, she worked in cahoots with the late Vera in different shady deals, including that scandalous hotel deal in Beitbridge where she was in charge,” revealed our source.

Chizwina was fingered as one of the culprits in the 2014 140-room Beitbridge hotel scandal.

She was assigned to run the project yet she was an unregistered engineer at the material time.

As a result, NSSA failed to get a certificate of occupation, compelling the Beitbridge Town Council to censure the social authority board for failing to regularise documentation.

“This woman was one of the main players in the NSSA hotel scandal in Beitbridge where the cost ballooned from US$17 million to US$60 million under unclear circumstances.

“She was the one running the shameful project.

“In announcing her appointment, Sibanda (Misheck) said her leadership will be critical in delivering housing and integrated social amenities, particularly in peri-urban, rural and resettlement areas where challenges abound.

“That is ironic. How can someone who failed to run a simple hotel project then superintend over housing projects of a whole nation?” asked our source.

Chizwina will be responsible for addressing the urgent issues of integrating resilient designs into the development of national housing and social amenities within the context of the emerging challenges brought about by climate change-related phenomena.

Sibanda could not be reached for comment at the time of publication.

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