MDC denies anti-riot police gear allegation


ARMED Zimbabwe Republic Police officers on Monday barricaded the MDC headquarters after it “found” 210 anti-riot squad helmets concealed in a Harare building basement.

Police today besieged the party headquarters in the morning following the “discovery” of anti-riot and municipal helmets at Robinson House, which they believe are linked to the Nelson Chamisa-led opposition party.

In a statement issued today, party deputy national spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said police was on a mission to taint their image.

“A few months ago, the police purported to have discovered catapults and stones, again near the MDC headquarters. Today’s attempt is the second in the past few months to try and link the people’s peaceful movement with a primitive, barbaric and Stone Age political script that involves stones, bricks and catapults,” Tamborinyoka said.

MDC secretary general Charlton Hwende also denied ownership of any offices or basement at Robinson House.

Tamborinyoka claimed that Zanu PF was instead the violent party, saying it was a threat to the safety of citizens, also adding that it had a “blood-tainted history”, including the August 2018 politically motivated killings of unarmed civilians in Harare.

He added that the government should focus more on the economy of the country rather embark on a wild goose chase, going after shadows.

“Instead of clamping down on prices, a deteriorating economy, unemployment and power and fuel shortages, the ED regime has thought it prudent to clamp down on a legitimate political party, going about its business,” he said.

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