Kadoma mine Disaster: Power cuts, Faulty water pumps derail rescue

Power cuts and water pumps faults have delayed the mission to rescue four people who remain trapped at Cricket mine in Kadoma.

The Zim Morning Post crew arrived at the scene on Saturday amid reports that there was no Electricity to help pump out water from the mining pits.

In an interview with this publication one of the rescuers said power cuts and break down of water pumps remain their major challenges at the mine.

“it is almost two hours now without electricity here, we need to rescue our friends and relatives,” he said.

“It is sad that we are experiencing such challenges as power cuts and faulty pumps,” said the source.

Government through the Ministry of Mines has trained 24 local artisanal miners who operate at Cricket mine to help rescue the four who are remain trapped underground.

The four who are trapped are Xavier Masarirevhu, Blessing Ncube, Evans Chibawa and Cosmas Masarirevhu.

When the Zim Morning Post crew arrived at the scene the rescuers where waiting for an electrician to fix a pump which was failing to pump out water.

The pump was later fixed in the presence of the crew after which relatives and friends of the trapped miners ululated and sang songs celebrating the electrician’s success to fix the pump.

In an interview, Benny Dzumbunu, the mine owner, said there are nine levels and today (Saturday) they were pumping water between level 3 and 4 where they suspect the victims must have been dragged to from level one.

“We appreciate the role government is playing. It has trained 24 guys here who are working to rescue our fellow colleagues who are trapped underground.

“I think we are making progress we have 9 levels but I think the water is now on level 2 and 3 so we are making progress,”  said Dzumbunu.

Meanwhile mining giant, Zimplats, has donated a water pump which pumps out 63 000 litres of water per hour as efforts to rescue the trapped miners moved a gear up.

“Zimplats has brought hopes to the families of the trapped miners. We hope by tomorrow (Sunday) morning we will be able to reach level 2 and three we hope to find the victims,” Dzumbunu said.