I’m too small a fish to be consulted by Chiwenga says Mangwana

Mangwana says he is too small a fish to be consulted by the Zimbabwe National Army or whole army general on any issue.

RENOWNED Harare lawyer and Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs Paul Mangwana on Tuesday dismissed allegations of ever being consulted by ailing Vice President Constantine Chiwenga during Operation Restore Legacy – a military-assisted power transition that occurred in the country in November 2017.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post, Mangwana said he was too small a fish to be consulted by the Zimbabwe National Army or whole army general on any issue.

“On what basis could the general consult me legally or the national army; they are too big for me,” Mangwana said.

Mangwana was responding to Jealousy Mawarire after he claimed Monday that the former and Douglas Mwonzora – a lawyer and MDC deputy secretary for International Relations – had been consulted by the ailing Vice President Chiwenga during Operation Restore Legacy in November 2017.

Mangwana further dismissed Mawarire as someone seeking attention and political relevance.

Asked if he ever worked with Mwonzora, Mangwana said; “I drafted the constitution that is now being used in this country together with Mwonzora, and our relationship goes a long way. To say we consulted the army or VP Chiwenga is untrue. We, as parties, had our own issues and the army had theirs. There was nowhere we ever worked together.

“In November, I worked with Mwonzora as he represented his party and we all had duties to carry out during that process,” Mangwana added.

Mwonzora also denied allegations that all political parties had played a role in the ouster of the late former President Robert Mugabe in November 2017, saying it was unfair for Mawarire to single him out.

Mwonzora alleged the motive to single him out was inspired by some members of the Generation 40 who wanted him ousted from the main opposition MDC party, resultantly destroying the party from within.

“MDC fully supported Mugabe’s removal in 2017. It was for his impeachment. At no point did we provide any legal advice to the army before, during or after the coup. After the coup, some lawyers went to the court to have it declared it legal; their names are there,” wrote Mwonzora on hisTwitter account.

The war between Mwonzora and Mawarire came after the former posted on his Twitter, claiming that the two had worked together for Chiwenga.

Mawarire claims that by virtue of working for Chiwenga, Mwonzora was being used by Zanu PF to destroy Zimbabwe’s main opposition party.

“I am glad Paul Mangwana also corroborated. If there is anyone that Zanu-PF is working with to destroy the opposition, then Mwonzora should not look any further than himself. He knows what he is doing and no amount of G40ing will hide what he is doing,” wrote Mawarire on his Twitter account.

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