Horrors of ‘MaShurugwi bloody gold takers’ rock Mazowe


EVEN in the day there seems to be some darkness enveloping the light, where hollow-eyed skulls have arrived in Mazowe district as they continue to suck lives out of humanity.

The setting this time around is Jumbo, a mining settlement in Mazowe district. The actors are known as the “MaShurugwi” simply because they come from Shurugwi, a rich gold mining town in the Midlands province.

The humidity is overwhelming and you can smell the stench of dozens of men who have already spent uncountable days and nights underground, inside one of hundreds of gold mines deep in the jungle in Zimbabwe.

The red soils seem to be a red cloth waved in front of a bull triggering a bloody thirst deep within their souls activating their barbarism.

Shurugwi savagery kicked off in the mineral pits of Midlands, fights breaking out daily chaperoned by machetes, knives and even catapults either for rich gold belts or fall-outs at beer holes.

Fights are a common thing here,” said a Raynold Dube from Shurugwi.

The police in Midlands have washed their hands off these slaughters and violence in fear for their lives since the machete gangs are claimed to be sponsored by politicians.

 “I am not at liberty to comment on those issues (gang violence) due to their political nature,” was quoted in some sections of the media.

Said Midlands police spokesperson inspector Joel Goko.

It never gets better because some of the police officers are taking bribes from these machete slayers.

It seems someone has jinxed Mazowe district as these ‘gold bloody’ takers have found their way to the mines all the way from Midlands and have taken over the gold mines leaving death trails.

The machete gang has evinced to be very ruthless as a very young Shurugwi boy gutted a grown man in a brawl for a sex worker, he took it as a challenge with his associates’ cheers and murdered the poor man in cold blood.

They’ll cut you, torture you, and those who speak out are also mutilated, tortured, killed or thrown down the mining shafts,” said one of the miners.

Over the years he has seen colleagues being butchered, their hands being chopped off and arms cut or eyes gorged out as gold wars break-out.

The police have been reduced to spectators as a trail of violence rock Mazowe.

“Last week they assaulted a female Glendale burgher for wearing a skirt that revealed too much skin,” said another Glendale resident.

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