ED, Chamisa egos stifle dialogue hopes…as emissaries hit brick-wall

With the ailing economy which has seen prices skyrocketing each and everyday since the disputed July 2018 election, Zimbabweans had pinned hopes on the much anticipated dialogue between ZANU PF and MDC leaders, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa, but the Zim Morning Post has it on good authority that hopes for talks between the two leaders are now dead in the water.

This publication is reliably informed that the two leaders have been sending emissaries to each other with hopes of striking a working relationship but “neither is ready to swallow their pride and accept dialogue without conditions.”

“The two have been sending emissaries to each other with hopes of striking a balance but they are not ready to be moved from conditions they have set for each other,” said one of the emissaries.

Sources said Mnangagwa wants Chamisa to recognise him as the legitimate leader who won the 2018 plebiscite as confirmed by the constitutional court.

“President (Mnangagwa) wants Chamisa to admit that he lost the 2018 plebiscite and dialogue will kick start from there but he is hitting the wall,” said a senior ZANU PF official.

Mnangagwa was declared the winner of the 2018 polls not only by the Zimbabwe Electoral commission (ZEC) but also by the Constitutional court after Chamisa challenged the result.

From the Concourt Chamisa has nowhere else to appeal and that should be the take off point for any dialogue to take place,” said the source.

On the other hand, sources close to Chamisa said the youthful leader is not ready to be railroaded into a dialogue that excludes the electoral dispute.

Chamisa’s starting point is the issue of the electoral dispute. As the MDC we believe we won the elections so that’s our starting point.

“How do we resolve the stalemate without discussing the genesis of the problem?”

“Chamisa believes the problems we are facing as a country are emanating from a political dispute and what Zimbabwe needs is a political solution,” said the source.

Political analyst Kudakwashe Mutsiro said egos of the two most powerful politicians are stifling any dialogue prospects.

“I think the dream of dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa is one of those dreams which will never come true, both leaders do not want to swallow their pride, they have both set tough conditions for each other,” said Mutsiro.

Earlier this year Mnangagwa launched  Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) where he invited all the 2018 presidential candidates.

However, Chamisa snubbed Polad arguing that it was a meaningless platform and his party has vowed not to participate in the talks.

Zanu PF, on the other hand, argues Mnangagwa created a platform that cured the legitimacy crisis and say political players have the freedom to choose whether to participate or not.


  1. I’m neither ZANU PF nor MDC but if Chamisa thinks ZANU PF cares about his stance, well, ZANU PF doesn’t care. That’s a fact. All Chamisa has to do is look at the suffering of the people, even those he is representing. For how long shall we be crying for food? I would challenge Chamisa to swallow his pride. I honestly know that coming together with ZANU PF will not give us any bullet trains or some flashy promised stuff which of course everyone would cherish, but it will at least bring some sanity and understanding enough to bring food to our tables. And from whatever platform Chamisa will be in or after a successful dialogue, he should then fight for our economy, fight to bring back investers, fight to have companies reopening, fight for what is right for the people of Zimbabwe. I believe a form of a consesus will bring some form of change, at least for the better because things are getting worse by the day. If someone has control over progress in Zimbabwe it is Chamisa. President or no president Chamisa has some influence that the entire Zim community would benefit from. So I think the solution is Sir Nelson Chamisa, please go and sit down with Mr Mnangangwa and talk.

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