New G40-linked political party in the offing

FORMER ZANU PF political commissar and G40 kingpin Saviour Kasukuwere has has been caught in the land audit dragnet and is set to lose his Mvurwi farm , Zim Morning Post has learnt.

REMNANTS of the G40 elements who were ousted in the November 2017 military intervention which led to the resignation of the later former president Robert Mugabe have finally organised themselves, forming a new political party called Zanu PF original.

This comes on the backdrop of a social media campaign trail by some former Zanu PF members who are ralying and routing for the former national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere to challenge the ruling Zanu PF in the 2023 elections.

Kasukuwere sympathisers launched a spirited social media campaign under the hashtag #Tyson Wabantu.

Sources said the Tyson Wabantu movement is behind the registration of a new political outfit named Zanu PF original.

The party is set to contest in the 2023 elections, with Kasukuwere tipped to be its president although the only official known presently is Timothy Chimusoro, the national coordinator.

In an interview with the Zim Morning Post on Thursday Kasukuwere could neither confirm no deny that he is part of the newly registered political outfit.

“Who said I am its leader,” asked Kasukuwere adding: “So any party that is registered has to be linked to Kasukuwere.”

Registration of the new political party with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission coincides with a campaign dubbed Tyson Wabantu, which is set to promote brand Kasukuwere.

The formation of the new party will come as a blow to the main opposition MDC party led by Nelson Chamisa, which is said to be getting support from some G40 members, among them Patrick Zhuwawo, Grace Mugabe and self-exiled Jonathan Moyo.

The party is likely to attract a sizeable number of the ruling Zanu PF party membership who felt they were treated badly after Emmerson Mnangagwa took over as President.

It is not yet clear whether Moyo will be part of the new political outfit as he is believed to be the current adviser of MDC president, Chamisa.

The party is said to be the brainchild of angry former Zanu PF members who were booted out of the party when the late former President Robert Mugabe was ousted from power in November 2017.

Some of the people expected to constitute the party’s top brass include Sydeney Sekeramai, Acie Lumumba and Walter Muzembi.

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