Ex-Zim cricket captain mortgages plush home for US$39,000 to ‘loan shark’

Former Zimbabwe cricket captain Tatenda Taibu is in danger of losing his most prized asset, a plush Harare suburban house he bought in the prime of his career, after a Harare man approached the courts seeking reparation over an unpaid loan.

Summons filed against Taibu at the High Court in Harare gleaned by Zim Morning Post show that the world-acclaimed ex-wicket-keeper used his Mabelreign house as collateral to borrow £30 530 pounds (US$39,000) from one Prosper Karuru.

Karuru is seeking an order for transfer of title deeds of Lot 57 of Meyrick Park into his name after the 37-year-old ex-star failed to repay the loan.

If the court finds transfer of the property untenable, Karuru wants Taibu to settle the £30 530 with 15 % interest calculated from March 12 this year, when the acknowledgement of debt was signed.

The Mabelreign property, situated on a massive plot in one of the Zimbabwean capital’s oldest prime suburbs, was purchased by Taibu at the turn of the millennium when international cricketers were some of the Southern African country’s best paid professionals.

Taibu currently lives in Liverpool, England, with his wife Loveness and two sons.

It is unclear as to the reason Zimbabwe’s first black cricket captain took the loan and mortgaged his house.