‘Help me before my son is killed in remand prison’


A man, Thabani Kupuka (33) has been tortured while in remand prison awaiting trial on allegations of stealing a mobile phone, the Zim Morning Post has heard.

Prison sources told Zim Morning Post that Kupuka was arrested for allegedly stealing a cellphone in Mufakose. He was remanded in custody but on Monday plain clothes police officers tortured him as they tried to whip him into submission that he indeed stole the cellphones.

Zim Morning Post investigated how Kupuka was arrested and discovered shocking details where police are allegedly being paid by drug dealers to punish Kupuka.

Zim Morning Post crew managed to locate Kupuka’s mother who then narrated her son’s ordeal in the hands of “drug dealers with police protection.”

“Thabani went to buy bronclea (bronco) from these guys and when he was on his way back they followed him and started beating him saying he stole their cellphones,” she said.

“They beat him until he was unconscious and bundled him into the boot of their car.

“We all thought he was dead when he was bundled into the boot. They dumped him at Marimba Police station.

“I followed them and I was shocked to find out that the police had placed theft charges on my son.

“He was remanded in custody and on Monday I visited him to discover that he was unable to walk because “he was tortured by plain clothes policemen who were interrogating him.”

“Please help me before my son is killed in remand prison,” she said as she could not control her tears.

Kupuka’s mother then approached Bishop Noah Pashapa who runs a prison ministry for help as she fear her “son may die in police custody.”

In an interview Pashapa confirmed that he is handling Kupuka’s case and is trying to reach out to authorities.

“This is purely a case were the police are protecting drug dealers. They were given the address of the perpetrators but nothing is happening.

“We are shocked to hear that they have also tortured him while in the custody of police. If he, indeed, stole their cellphone then the law must take its course. The question is why torture someone awaiting trial? Pashapa said.


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