ZESA Pension fund purges suspected ‘whistle blowers’

In a bid to cover up corrupt activities at Zimbabwe Electricity Industry Pension Fund (ZEIPF) the management has begun purging all suspected whistle blowers in the name of retrenchment this publication has learnt.

“As you are aware the fund has undergone a restructuring exercise to enhance its visibility through operational efficiency and effectiveness as it implements the 2019-2023 strategic plan. Due to this restructuring exercise your position as **** was made redundant,” reads a letter signed by the chairman of human resources, remuneration, legal and benefits chairperson Joshua Mashamba

The pension fund’s trickeries have however been exposed after they started hiring again for the same posts that are said to be redundant within a month of retrenching the employees.

The adverts have already sparked war between the retrenched employees and the management.

 “The company is trying to cover up its loopholes by retrenching all workers who might have leaked information about its corrupt activities among them the Jacob Mudenda US$1 million dollar land scam,” said one of the retrenched workers who spoke to this publication.

A copy of letter seen by this publication shows that the management wants to get rid of these employees by ordering them to reapply for the same jobs they had for more than ten years.

“Subsequent to this vacant jobs to resource the new restructure were advertised. Regrettably no application was received from you. Accordingly you are hereby given on month notice of your termination of your employment…,” read part of the retrenchment letter.

According to 12(4a) (a)-(d) of the Labour Act [Chapter 28:01] of  2015 if a company retrenches it cannot rehire any person for the same post.

In April this publication exposed a dodgy deal in which the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda approached ZESA Holdings Pension Fund and sold a 3000-square-meters of land located at Stand Number 1351 Victoria Falls township for more than $1 million in 2018-  a price which is twice the market value.

Retrenched workers who spoke to this publication said the company is targeting people who might have knowledge of properties that were bought by the fund through unscrupulous means.

The management is retrenching workers who might be a threat to their corrupt activities and intents to hire loyalist who will cover up their scandals.