Demonstration threats … Gvt recalls retired security personnel

Following the threats by the opposition MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, to rally his supporters into the streets and demonstrate against the failing economy, government has pressed a panic button and recalled retired police officers and suspended or cancelled any type of leaves on all members of the force.

A police source confirmed  that the situation in the country is a bit tense and anti riot police is now always on standby.

“The situation in the country is very tense and we are on high alert and we are going to thwart any form of violent demonstrations which are being mooted by the opposition, we know they want to take advantage,” said a senior police officer.

Zim Morning Post is informed that the police is currently investigating source of a message which is circulating on social media for people.

“There is a message which is circulating on social media and we are investigating the source of that message it is inciting violence against the state and those people should be warned,”added our source.

However, a survey conducted by Zim Morning Post in Harare Central Business District showed that there was heavy police presence patrolling in the streets of Harare as  a move to thwart any demonstration.

In January 2019 police arrested hundreds of protestors for public violence and some have been convicted, some were acquitted.

MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume told Zim Morning Post that they will not be frightened by such moves since they are going to conduct peaceful and constitutional demonstrations.

“I hope they want to thwart illegal demonstrations, our demonstrations which we will conduct are constitutional and very peaceful,” said Mafume.