Chamisa speaks out on alleged “rape charges”

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says he is not moved by “intimidating tactics” being thrown at him ahead of the party’s elective congress scheduled for 24-26 May this year.

Speaking from Ghana where he is on a “diplomatic offensive” Chamisa rubbished the alleged rape case that was reported by a 39-year old woman Nyaradzo Nyathi, who later withdrew the police case.

In an exclusive interview with the Zimbabwe Morning Post Chamisa said: “I am not moved by people who try to destroy someone’s name and integrity.”

“I am not like that and that will not deter us,” Chamisa said.

“I do not even want to comment on the issue because that is pure madness.

Asked whether he thinks this was the work of Zanu PF or internal smear campaigns by his competitors in the forthcoming congress, Chamisa said: “I do not care where this is coming from. Like I said this has nothing to do with me. We have more pressing issues than that and I will not waste my time on that issue.”

The allegation comes at a time when MDC Alliance is heading towards its elective congress. Chamisa is likely to face his secretary general Douglas Mwonzora who is said to be eyeing the opposition’s top post.

As the congress build-up gathers momentum several senior party officials are strategically positioning themselves to rally behind their preferred candidates.

Last week Mwonzora told this publication that he is a victim of a “smear campaign” by some officials who are labelling him a “Zanu PF project.”

“I have no idea about Zanu PF’s interference with the MDC Alliance Congress, MDC Alliance has a constitution that allows for people to contest for any positions,” said Mwonzora.

In a hard-hitting blow to his detractors, Mwonzora said “the smear campaigns are from competitors and people with no idea of what democracy entails, …I come to the conclusion that not all those people who talk about democracy understand what it is.”

The MDC Alliance vice president Elias Mudzuri also posted on his microblogging twitter handle that the forthcoming MDC congress is likely to widen fissures in the party and dent the opposition’s chances of winning the 2023 general elections.

“MDCT must respect its Constitution – remove fear & factional divisions to enable members to elect a leader that will unite us and focus on ending suffering in Zimbabwe,” wrote Mudzuri.

“The coming MDCT Congress threatens to tear the party apart & jeopardize our chance of winning 2023 elections – ruining the hopes of millions Lets do what is right.”