HCC engages Satewave Technologies on solar energy services

HARARE CITY COUNCIL (HCC) has expressed interest in Satewave Technologies Pvt (Ltd)’s solar-powered demo bus shelters, bins and kiosks it constructed at Ruzende Bus Terminus.

This development has been touted as essential as HCC moves to attain its world class vision by 2025.

In a statement, Director of Works Isiah Chawatama said council was looking forward to a joint venture with Satewave Technologies as they move to establish solar-powered bus shelters, bins and kiosks in the city.

“The City of Harare was looking for investment partners who could build bus shelters on all bus stops along the city roads, and we allowed Satewave Technologies to put two demo bus shelters bins and kiosk at Ruzende Bus Terminus.

According to HCC, the demo bus terminus at Ruzende Bus  Terminus has been in existence for almost a year now.

Chawatama said in appreciation of Satewave Technologies’ demo bus terminus efforts, HCC was going to give the company advertising rights at Ruzende Bus Terminus.

“The bus stops would have kiosks in addition to the bus shelters, and bins would be at HCC‘s discretion. Bus shelters and bins will be powered by solar in terms of lighting,” he added.

Satewave Technologies chief executive Zhou Zhongguo said his company was committed to council’s vision and had the solution to make Harare a world class city by 2025.

“We have solutions for the city and it’s key that we come onboard with our partners, HCC, to present bus shelters, bins and kiosks at no cost.

Satewave Technologies is a global leader in photovoltaic modules, solutions and services.

The company is a driver of smart energy, among them installers, distributors, utilities and developers worldwide.

The company is an innovative shaper of the global solar industry, operating both upstream in module supply and downstream in project development.