Harare unearths illegal commercial land allocations, to introduce Land bank

Harare City Council

THE Special Investigations Committee set up to conduct a land audit on the  sale and lease of commercial land by Harare city council (HCC) has unearthed irregularities and proposed setting up of a Land Bank, Zim Morning Post can report.

The special committee noted that Harare has no credible Land bank and therefore could not produce  comprehensive land management plans.

“The custodian and control of the  Land bank was not clear.

“There was no clarity over the storage and security of the land bank.

“There is no reliable electronic method for storing and securing commercial land sales,” noted the report.

This lack of control measures resulted in unregulated developments of commercial land by land barons and sprouting of squatter camps,” further noted the special audit report.

The report also noted that there was no reliable and admissible database of leases and commercial sales.

“Several lessees were being levied rentals which were below market rates.

“There is no consistent documented system for land valuation sold in the past three years,” it was revealed.

The councilors unanimously adopted the motion and agreed to make good the recommendations submitted.

The council resolved that an external real estate company be hired to investigate and compile a Land Bank.

The latest special investigations report made drastic efforts to close gaps and leakages manipulated by top officials as previously reported by this publication.

Some top council officials were accused of unprocedurally parceling out land and selling infills.

Residents in Southerton last week complained over the development of residential stands at a recreational park meant for children.

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