Govt decentralises automated fingerprint system

GOVERNMENT has decentralised the automated fingerprint identification  system (AFIS) and is now implementing it in Gweru, Mutare and Bulawayo, Zim Morning Post has learnt.

The government said  law enforcement agents will supritendent   the system for easy criminal identification.

 “AFIS will be used by law enforcement agencies for criminal identification.

“ It  is also useful in identification of victims of natural and man made disasters,” read a tweet by the Ministry of Information. 

 AFIS is a system that uses biometric technology to store digital imagery of individual fingerprints for database comparison to produce a match.

This system helps law enforcers to check whether an individual has committed a crime in the past by running fingerprints against the database.

The Cyclone Idai which hit Manicaland province left many undocumented casualties  which AFIS will avert.

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