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Gwinyai Muzorewa: I only need 3.6 million votes to turn Zimbabwe around

HARARE – Gwinyai Muzorewa, the leader of the United African National Council (UANC) party, has declared his confidence in winning the upcoming general elections with 3.6 million votes. He is one of the 11 candidates who will contest for the presidency of Zimbabwe on August 23, 2023.

Muzorewa, whose elder brother Abel led the short-lived Zimbabwe-Rhodesia government in 1979 with 1.2 million votes, said his party has been campaigning secretly to reclaim power and restore the nation’s glory. He said his party is the only one that respects the values of liberation, sovereignty and constitutionalism.

“I only need 3.6 million votes and that will be enough to see Zimbabwe turn around again and become the envy of all the world,” he told reporters in Harare last week.

He dismissed the rival claims of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF party and Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Muzorewa outlined his policies on various sectors, such as education, health care, economy and foreign policy, saying they will benefit all Zimbabweans.

“We have specific policies on various sectors that will benefit all Zimbabweans. For example, on education, we will ensure universal access to quality education from primary to tertiary level, introduce free basic education for all children, support teachers’ welfare and professional development, reform the curriculum to make it relevant and responsive to the needs of society and industry, and encourage innovation and research.

“On health care, we will provide universal health coverage for all citizens, improve access to health facilities and services in rural areas, train and retain health workers, combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases, and promote preventive and wellness programs.”

He said he would also attract local and foreign investors by creating a stable and friendly business environment.

“On foreign policy,” he added, “we will pursue a balanced and constructive engagement with all countries based on mutual respect, cooperation and solidarity. We will uphold our sovereignty and independence while also fulfilling our regional and international obligations.”

He also pledged to promote national unity and dialogue among all political and social actors.

“One of our key priorities is national unity. We believe that Zimbabwe is one nation with one destiny. We reject tribalism, racism, sexism or any form of discrimination or division. We embrace our diversity as a source of strength and richness. We will work with all political parties, civil society groups, religious organizations, traditional leaders and other stakeholders to build a common vision and a shared identity for our country.