You are currently viewing Harare Maid in Court for Stealing US$15K Cash from Chinese Employer
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Harare Maid in Court for Stealing US$15K Cash from Chinese Employer

Harare Maid in Court for Stealing US$15K Cash from Chinese Employer

A Harare maid who worked for a Chinese national Hongzhong Chen appeared in court facing charges of stealing US$15K cash. Otilia Mushoriwa a 39-year-old appeared before Harare magistrate Mrs. Evelyn Mashavakure.

Bail Ruling Deferred as Theft Allegations Unfold

Mushoriwa was remanded in custody, with the bail ruling scheduled for the following day. According to the prosecution, on December 26, Hongzhong received US$15,000 from his Chinese friends and safely stored it in a wardrobe. However, when he later checked for the money, it had vanished. Suspicions fell upon Mushoriwa, and when questioned, she denied any knowledge of the missing funds.

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A Startling Revelation in the Rubbish Bin

In an astonishing turn of events, Hongzhong discovered the money hidden in Mushoriwa’s handbag, which had been concealed within a rubbish bin in the yard.

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Denials and a Counting of Losses

Despite the incriminating evidence, Mushoriwa maintained her innocence, claiming that the US$700 found among the stolen funds was her own, intended for personal expenses during her lunch break in town.

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Police Alerted and Arrest Ensues

Unconvinced by Mushoriwa’s explanation, Hongzhong promptly notified the police of the situation, leading to the arrest of the accused. As the legal proceedings continue, the court heard that the total amount recovered from Mushoriwa’s possession amounted to US$15,700.


The case now rests on the court’s ability to weigh the evidence presented and determine the truth behind the alleged theft. It is concerning to note that incidents involving the unlawful acquisition of substantial amounts of money, such as the reported theft of 195,000 USD from Mohamed Mussa, appear to be on the rise.