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CID Shot South African National and His Local Partner in Arcadia, Harare

CID Shot South African National and His Local Partner in Arcadia, Harare

A South African national and his local partner were fatally shot during a confrontation with Criminal Investigations Detective (CID) in Arcadia, Harare.

Planned Crime Spree by South African Gang

The two suspects, identified as Jabulani Ngobeni, 45, and Godknows Machingura, 44, had arrived in Zimbabwe with the intention of carrying out criminal activities, including kidnappings. They were part of a larger gang that had hatched a plan to rob a Chinese businessman based in Zimbabwe by ambushing his vehicle while he traveled to Harare.

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Arrests Made in Connection with the Incident

ZRP national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, confirmed that the shootout resulted in the deaths of Ngobeni and Machingura. Additionally, four individuals were arrested in connection with the conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Andrew Masubelele, Ndiafhi Makhado, Emmanuel Makamo, and Paul Zhou were among those arrested.

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Police Raid Guest House, Shootout Ensues

On the 23rd of December, CID Homicide received intelligence that the suspects were staying at a guest house in Arcadia. Acting swiftly on the information, the detectives raided the establishment, prompting the suspects to flee. During the ensuing confrontation, shots were fired by Ngobeni, leading to a shootout. Ngobeni sustained a gunshot wound to the hip and later succumbed to his injuries at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

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Confessions and Recovery of Weapons

Paul Zhou, one of the arrested individuals, confessed to booking the accommodation and procuring two vehicles using funds provided by Machingura. Following the arrests, the police seized a 9mm Star pistol loaded with four rounds of ammunition. Machingura, who was monitoring the movements of their intended target and was arrested after a high-speed chase and shootout at Morgan High School in Arcadia. He was shot in the groin and died upon arrival at the hospital.

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Concerns Over Foreign Nationals Involved in Crime

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi expressed concern over the involvement of foreign nationals in planning armed robberies in Zimbabwe. The police have also uncovered intelligence suggesting that the arrested criminals had intentions to kidnap prominent individuals in the country for ransom.


Authorities are actively investigating the case, aiming to dismantle the criminal network and curb escalating violence and crime. Recent reports, such as one by iBulawayo, highlight the increasing incidence of robberies, including the recent robbery of a ZCC member.