Harare City Council urges residents to pay ZWL1 billion debt for fight against COVID-19

Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba

HARARE City Council (HCC) on Monday urged residents to pay their outstanding bills which now stand at a cumulative ZWL1 billion for the council to effectively respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, the Council said it appreciates the donations being made to help fight against the coronavirus but it will be effective if those who owe them settle their debts.

“Council appreciates the goodwill being shown by individuals and corporates who are assisting in the fight against the coronavirus .While we are forever indebted to the sacrifices and selflessness of the benefectors, council feels the long term sustainable solution is to have all residents and corporates owing council settling their debts. Our debtors owe in excess of ZWL1 billion, ” HCC said.

”Council is in great need of the funds now for it to mount a bigger response to COVID -19,” HCC continued.

HCC added that the ZWL1 billion will help them buy medication and equipment needed in hospitals to fight against COVID-19.

“We need to procure medicines, spruce up our hospitals and clinics to adapt to the demands of treating COVID -19 patients.Paying municipal bills at this moment becomes an individual ‘s biggest contribution towards the fight against the pandemic. We believe our various customers and debtors have a heart for the victims of the pandemic,” HCC added.

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