Farm girl invades Midlands airwaves…as Bridget Gavanga touches her soul

She grew up at a commercial farm where flowers and peas where her order of the day.

She had passion for animal husbandry and still pursues it to date, but she is ‘haunted’ by the passion of broadcasting-  her name is  Kim Gogwe Sibanda.

Affectionally known as Kymie K,the 30 -year old belle is the breakfast presenter for 98.4 Midlands FM- a title of fledging media company AB Communications.

Her show is one the biggest breakfast shows in Midlands where she makes a perfect match with charismatic Reason Sekeremo better known by his moniker Samaita.

Zim Morning Post  bumped into her after she made an exceptional presentation as mistress of ceremonies at the Business Economic       Forum (BEEF) indaba  at a Kwekwe hotel.

Besides her Midas Touch in events, Kimmy Kay revealed that besides her farm upbringing, she was smitten by charismatic radio personality Bridget ‘Bubbling Bee’ Gavanga,Kimble Rogers and TK Katsande.

“When I went for auditions on radio years back, my icon Bridget Gavanga came and held my hand and asked me to breathe and I did that.

“I was star struck because I always listened to her slots, she is strong.

“I was also inspired by TK (Tonderai Katsande) and I would record his shows.

“Kimble Rodgers also inspired me,” said Kymie K .

She was quick to acknowledge her mother as a source of inspiration in  her art.

“Growing  up, I was always chatty and cheerful.

“My mom would tell me to sit in front for long journeys so I could tell her stories.

“I remember Bridgette Gavanga having to talk me out of my frozen state.

“For auditions I did well, but going live and realising so many people were expecting me to be entertaining and informative was what made me panick  ,”she recalled.

At the moment, Kymie K is one of the hottest voices in Midlands.

She has adopted the moniker   Masibanda and she has been one of the most sought after mistress of ceremonies and voice over artist in Midlands.