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European Union deploys observer mission for Zimbabwe’s elections

The European Union announced on Wednesday that it has dispatched 46 long-term observers to various regions in Zimbabwe ahead of the upcoming general elections scheduled for August 23. The observers, representing all 27 EU member states along with Canada, Norway, and Switzerland, will be present in all 10 provinces of Zimbabwe, closely monitoring every aspect of the electoral process in the weeks leading up to the harmonized elections.

During a media briefing, deputy chief observer Dr. Beata Martin Rozumiłowicz assured that the observer mission will adhere to its designated role and refrain from interfering in Zimbabwe’s electoral system. The team aims to maintain a balanced and impartial approach, engaging with all political parties, civil society, media, and social media representatives to gain comprehensive insights into the conduct of the elections before, during, and after the voting.

Emphasizing their long-term mandate, Dr. Rozumilowicz explained that their assessment considers not only the election day but also broader international commitments such as equality and universality. A preliminary statement will be issued by the EU observer team after the election day, based on their observations.

On the actual voting day, the EU will deploy 150 observers from its member states, as well as Canada, Norway, and Switzerland. It’s worth noting that Western observers have been accused in the past of siding with the opposition in Zimbabwe due to their countries providing funding and advisory support to opposition groups during the electoral processes.